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   The Guanajuato Campus of Cinvestav, initiated its functions as Cinvestav, “Unidad Irapuato” in October 1981, in response to a decentralization program implemented by the main Cinvestav campus in Mexico City. The location of the “Unidad Irapuato” in Guanajuato State, part of the “Bajío” region of Mexico followed a careful preliminary study which considered the perspectives and the means available for the development of research closely linked to the agricultural and nutritional problems of the country. Important aspects which were considered include: the agricultural potential of the region, the geographical location, the well developed academic structure of Guanajuato and neighboring states and the impact which these aspects have had on research.

   The Campus Guanajuato project has crystallized into being due to the decisive backing which the Guanajuato State government has granted this institution with the purchase of 20 Ha of arable land, the construction of the original installations of 10,950m2, the electrical sub-station and a deep well for agricultural use in addition to other facilities for the functionality of the institution.

    Equipment and instrumentation have been acquired through specific projects financed by the Secretary of Public Education, through strategic and special projects from CONACYT (The national science and technology council), from private enterprise through “Programa México” and finally through support from international organizations.

    The Campus has been characterized since its inauguration by giving priority to applied research with the potential to generate results in the short and medium term. However research topics also address basic aspects of molecular biology and genetic engineering and cover areas such as biochemistry and physiology including the most applied research in the field of biotechnology and more recently in functional genomics and proteomics.

    Throughout the different phases of development of Cinvestav Campus Guanajuato, special emphasis has been placed on establishing an intense academic, technological and scientific exchange not only with other institutions within the region but also at a national and international level which has allowed the institution to maintain leadership in the areas of research interest.

    Campus Guanajuato includes the Unit for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Unidad Irapuato) and the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (Langebio). The objectives of both divisions are:
  1. Train highly qualified personnel in the field of Plant Biotechnology through research and teaching programs.
  2. Carry out cutting edge research in this field  

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